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Wrongful Bouncing - Bromp Treb - Loop Rotator Pool (CDr)

8 thoughts on “ Wrongful Bouncing - Bromp Treb - Loop Rotator Pool (CDr)

  1. Jun 11,  · The beauty of bottom bouncing is that it is a fantastic way to be attractive and appeal to many fish throughout a day. The mobility helps cover water and the blades, beads and other attractors draw attention to your lines. This becomes especially critical during the summer months when there is an abundance of forage in the system and it becomes.
  2. Jun 23,  · My favorite setup is a longer med. action rod. (7 to 9 ft.)and a reel with a flipping switch. I also like to use a reel with left hand retrieve, that way I can keep close to the bottom only using one hand not having to switch hands to close spool or reel up.
  3. Repairing a CDE/Hy-Gain/MFJ Rotator Key Searchwords: Rotor Repair, Fix Rotor, Rotator Repair, Fix Rotator. Few things are more frustrating to a ham than an antenna rotator which fails. It might be a failure to turn (either partially or completely), a failure to indicate the (correct) direction, or an intermittent turning or indicating.
  4. Jun 10,  · I gave bottom bouncing a go the last 2 days. I have 3 oz rigged with a crawler harness trying south of A-bridge using bow trolling motor going with and sometimes against the current and adjusted the TM until the blades started spinning. Im having a .
  5. May 10,  · I haven’t seen a bouncing rod or 3 way rod that leads to more fish than a ~$50 durable ugly stick. The reel is a bit more critical depending on the amount of use (which for me won’t be much). I see myself bottom bouncing only in summer on some pool 4 areas where cranks can’t get fish to go and guests are just looking for steady action.
  6. Jul 15,  · planer boards and bottom bouncers General Discussion. One other thing: It doesn't hurt to have a few of several different sizes, if you aren't going to fish water deeper than 20', 1 ounce bouncers will do just fine, use just enough weight to give contact with the bottom, that you can feel, before you put on the planer and place the rod in a rod holder.
  7. Rotor Clip is the manufacturer of retaining rings, snap rings, circlips, wave springs, single turn wave springs, multi turn wave springs, spiral rings, non-threaded fasteners, pliers, dispensers, applicators, hose clamps, axial rings, radial rings, self-locking rings, constant section ring, metric rings, DIN rings, ANSI ring, JIS ring, band clamps, Gateway page with links to facilities in the.
  8. May 10,  · If I get a chance to go out with you, I have enough in-lines and baits to run 3 lines a piece. I use the old yellow birds(ya ya I know what your all thinking) but I like them.I also have some small church boards (there is that better.

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